12 Best Seed Banks – Top-rated Reputable Marijuana Companies

Breeding superior cannabis genetics is the game.

A lush harvest is the championship.

And choosing the best seed banks is the only thing standing between you and a beautiful yield.

As your seed bank coach today, we’ll help you get the best marijuana seeds at affordable prices (plus free shipping to the US).

In just a few months, you should be well on your way to impressing your cannabis buddies.

Game on.

Best Online Seed Banks: First Look and Reviews

  1. ILGM − Best seed bank overall (free shipping to the USA)
  2. Seedsman − 4,000+ cannabis strains
  3. Crop King Seeds − Global shipping and 30% THC seeds
  4. Seed City − Frequent 30-40% discounts on popular strains
  5. Herbies Seeds − Affordable prices and great customer service
  6. Rocket Seeds − 6 reputable seed banks in 1
  7. Sonoma Seeds − Handpicked high-quality cannabis seeds
  8. SunWest Genetics − Ideal for organic cannabis plants
  9. Quebec Seed Bank − Same-day shipping
  10. Beaver Seeds − Straightforward selection of strains

1. ILGM — Best Cannabis Seed Bank (Free US Shipping)



  • Germination guarantee
  • 25,000+ verified reviews
  • Free US shipping
  • Popular auto-flowering seeds
  • Buy 10, get 10 deals
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Active forum


Popular Strains

Based in the hemp capital of the US — California — ILGM is one of the most famous US-based online seed banks.

The seed bank is made up of a team of cannabis fanatics: the founder alone (Robert Bergman) has over 25 years in the hemp industry, so you can tell they’re passionate about providing premium quality seeds.


ILGM is a breeder’s delight. To start, the brand is a great place for specialized strains, which include:

  • Beginner strains (easy to grow)
  • Climate tailored strains
  • Medicinal strains (high CBD content)
  • Fast-growing cannabis seeds
  • High THC strains (potent punch)
  • and more

And if you’re not sure what you want, there are also mixed packs to get several strains at once (with a discount)

Of all seeds, ILGM’s auto-flower cannabis seeds seem to be their forte, with some strains like White Widow having more than 1,000 verified reviews.

Along with the seeds, ILGM is known for its massive grower support programs. These include a super active grower forum and a host of growing guides to help you make the best out of your cultivation.

Additionally, the seed bank is quite confident in its cannabis seeds.

It guarantees germination and delivery, sending free replacements if your seeds don’t sprout or reach you.

Lastly, ILGM provides free shipping to all US states with no minimum order value. Besides, all shipments are made with discreet packaging, so there’s less risk of confiscation and theft.

Customer Satisfaction

The company’s reputation reflects in its 20,000+ positive customer reviews.

Besides the high-quality seeds, many customers said they received their deliveries in less than a week.

Many also lauded ILGM’s customer service for their speedy responses to emails. And as expected, everyone is happy with their frequent Buy 10, Get 10 deals.

>> Check out ILGM’s deals on the official website

2. Seedsman — Best Variety of Marijuana Seeds



  • Established in 2002
  • 4,000+ strains
  • Pioneering company
  • 55,000+ reviews
  • Frequent BOGOF deals
  • Multiple payment methods


Popular Strains

  • Purple Ghost Candy Feminized
  • Fuel D.OG Feminized
  • Blue Dream Feminized
  • Watermelon Zkittlez Auto
  • Skywalker OG Auto
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Launched in 2002, UK seed bank Seedsman stands as one of the old-timers in the cannabis market.

In fact, the brand is reported to be the first seller of CBD and auto-flowering seeds, which cements its credibility.


Seedsman is the Amazon of marijuana seed strains.

Boasting a shocking selection of 4,000+ strains and 80+ breeders, anyone has the opportunity to find the exact seed they’re looking for. (And perhaps even find some interesting new cannabis seeds in the process)

Moreover, these seeds are grouped by strain type, variety, flowering type, yield, climate… and more filters to help you save time.

Any guarantees?

Yep. Just like ILGM, Seedsman will send you new high-quality seeds if yours failed to germinate.

Obviously, shipping is done stealthily, but more importantly — you get a tracking number (which few seed banks provide).

Additionally, you can make payments in multiple currencies and methods, e.g. Bank transfer, credit card, money order, and more to add to the convenience.

For long-term customers, you might want to look at Seedsman’s great Green Club reward program for loyalty discounts.

Customer Satisfaction

Seedsman guarantees top-grade seeds, and many customers say all their seeds popped.

Again, customers enjoyed how easy and fast it was to order from Seedsman. Numerous clients said they received their cannabis seeds in just 6 days.

And when we say “many” and “numerous” — we’re not just talking about 2-3 persons.

In fact, Seedsman has received over 55,000 reviews from verified customers. Yes, that’s not a typo.

>> See for yourself if Seedsman is worth the hype (official website)

3. Crop King Seeds — Best Cannabis Seed Bank for Worldwide Shipping



  • 80% germination guarantee
  • High-THC seeds (up to 30%)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 500+ strains
  • Reliable customer support


  • Shipping is only free over $200

Popular Strains

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Jack Herer
  • Cali OG Kush Haze
  • Early Miss
  • Candy Cane
  • Black Indica

For about 17 years now, Crop King Seeds has been churning out high-quality marijuana seeds, and this longevity has made it one of North America’s best online cannabis seed banks.


Located in Canada, the company delivers cannabis seeds to countries across the globe.

Better still, international seed orders are smartly disguised in random objects like pens and birthday cards to add some privacy.

While Crop King Seeds doesn’t have the variety of Seedsman, it still offers over 500 strains of medicinal and recreational cannabis seeds, which makes it a good 3rd pick.

But most importantly?

The Canadian seed bank is known for its high THC cannabis seeds. A good chunk of its recreational seeds carry exponential THC amounts (up to 30%) for potent and lasting effect.

Also, there are assorted packs of different strains which are a nice way to experiment.

Free stuff?

Yes, but only on bulk orders. Spending over $200 will get you free shipping while spending even more ($420) will get you 10 free seeds.

While it costs $20 or $40 extra for express shipping, it comes with guaranteed delivery which is a nice cover to secure your purchases.

Customer Satisfaction

From the reviews we dug through, a few global customers who had experienced package seizures with other seed banks were happy Crop King Seeds delivered their seeds.

As expected, many buyers rave about the powerful buzz they experienced with their buds; and we can chalk that up to Crop King Seeds’ high THC seed genetics.

>> Check out Crop King Seeds’ high-THC seeds on the official site

4. Seed City — Best Online Seed Bank for Deals and Discounts




  • The website is quite dated

Popular Strains

  • Green Crack
  • Royal Gorilla
  • Professor Trichome Peanut Butter Breath
  • BCN Critical XXL Autoflower
  • Frisian Duck Dutch Passion
  • Gorilla Glue Auto

Seed City has been a dedicated plug of high-grade pot seeds for over a decade.

The seed company demonstrates its devotion to the industry with guaranteed low prices, discreet shipping, and guaranteed delivery to give you overall value.


Right at the top of Seed City’s selling points are pocket-friendly prices.

On top of getting seeds at a steal, the company has tons of daily and weekly promos and deals up to 40% off.

And no — that’s not only for little-known strains.

In fact, there are often over 200+ strains on sale, and as of this writing, you can find the most popular ones like White Widow, AK-47, Sour Diesel, and more.

As a nice bonus, you also get free seeds on every order, so you’ll most probably be enjoying extra value for your money.

Of course, Seed City provides discreet packaging for all orders, and you can choose the option of EXTRA stealth shipping if you want super discreet packaging.

On shipping again, the company’s stealth shipping comes with guaranteed delivery with replacements in case your cannabis seeds never get to you.

Finally, we also like Seed City’s payment flexibility which ranges from the British pound to the Dollar to the Japanese Yen and more.

Customer Satisfaction

You won’t be surprised when we tell you most customers rave about Seed City’s great prices and deals.

But what may not be as obvious is the great customer support most buyers say they’ve received. In case there’s an issue with your order, the company will get it sorted out quickly.

>> Check out current deals on Seed City (official website)

5. Herbies Seeds — Best Seed Bank for Customer Service

herbies seeds.jpg


  • 70% germination guarantee
  • 3,000+ seeds
  • Great client service
  • Free seeds with every order
  • 120+ breeders


Popular Strains

  • Runtz Muffin
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Grandmommy Purple
  • Auto Mixed Pack
  • Bruce Banner
  • Mimosa EVO

Herbies Seeds was born to make quality seed shopping simpler, faster, and affordable for everyone around the globe.

The company touts having over 3,000 high-quality seeds. Add that to their 120+ breeders and Herbies Seeds is a melting point of seed variety.


Herbies Seeds sits at the pinnacle of customer support.

The site’s customer service team is widely versed in the hemp world, and they can even help you select the best strains for your personal setup or climate.

Even more, the company gives a respectable 70% germination guarantee on all its seeds.

Talking about quality…

Herbies Seeds assures you of fresh cannabis seeds stored at very low temperatures to maintain their viability.

Again, all packages are inspected before shipping, so you don’t waste time and money with duds.

Customer Satisfaction

Previous shoppers point out getting better prices on Herbies than what they had experienced with past marijuana seed banks.

On the whole, the customer service also receives wide praise for their overall friendliness and reliability.

>> Find what you need FAST on Herbies Seeds’ user-friendly website

6. Rocket Seeds — Top USA Seed Banks in One Site



  • Express shipping (USA/Canada)
  • 24/7 support
  • Exclusive seeds available
  • 6-in-1 seed banks


  • Free shipping only over $200

Popular Strains

  • Cafe Racer Feminized
  • White Widow Feminized
  • Granddaddy Purple Feminized
  • Acapulco Gold Feminized
  • Gorilla Glue Auto
  • Purple Kush Auto
  • Strawberry Cough Auto

Rocket Seeds is like a shopping mall of North America’s top seed banks.

The company collaborates with other reputable brands like Crop King Seeds, Mary Janes Garden, and Beaver Seeds, to mention a few.


You’ll find 650+ strains of Autoflowering seeds, CBD, Regular, and even Feminized seeds to choose from.

Excitingly, Rocket Seeds boasts an exclusive section of unique seed strains, which is a boon for the more adventurous grower.

What’s more, Canada and US orders come with Express Shipping which includes tracking at a reasonable price.

The company also ships all over the world, and global customers can phone customer support to make a fast-tracked shipping arrangement.

Talking about customer support, Rocket Seeds works round the clock on phone, email, and chat, so there’s never a wrong time to reach out.

Lastly, orders above $200 and $420 attract free shipping and 10 free cannabis seeds respectively saving you some money on bulk orders.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s not surprising that customers were happy with the fast shipping times here, some receiving their cannabis seeds in an unbelievable two days.

Lastly, Rocket Seeds’ rare strains received much attention among cultivators that desired new adventures.

>> Check out Rocket Seeds to get fast shipping worldwide (official site)

7. Sonoma Seeds — Great Reputable Seed Bank With Its Own Breeds

sonoma seeds.jpg


  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Seeds from naturally grown plants
  • Handpicked cannabis seeds
  • 500+ strains


  • Free shipping only over $200

Popular Strains

  • Blueberry OG Feminized
  • Northern Lights Feminized
  • White Widow Auto
  • Hawaiian Gold Auto
  • Blue Head Band Feminized
  • Strawberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Based on Canada’s West Coast, Sonoma Seeds strives to provide you with premium marijuana seeds securely.

Working on the motto “Grow organically”, the brand’s cannabis seeds are exclusively gotten from organically grown cannabis plants.


Moreover, Sonoma handpicks its marijuana seeds for quality, demonstrating its attention to detail.

The main seed offerings revolve around Feminized, Autoflowering, and regular cannabis seeds. With 500+ strains to choose from, you have a good leg up on finding a personal favorite.

But most interestingly?

You can choose between high THC and high CBD seeds, which are amazing if you want to maximize your recreational or medicinal yield — in that order.

And of course, like most seed banks that ship globally, all cannabis seeds are hidden in everyday items, so fewer stares by skeptical customs officers.

Customer Satisfaction

Sonoma Seeds gives an 80% germination guarantee, nonetheless, a majority of clients online said all their seeds sprouted.

>> Check out Sonoma’s high-CBD seeds on the official site

8. SunWest Genetics — Best Cannabis Seed Breeders



  • Preserves and improves seed genetics
  • Phone ordering available
  • 80% germination rate
  • Affordable prices


Popular Strains

  • Cherry Pie Feminized
  • Lavender Feminized
  • Pineapple Express Auto
  • Critical Mass Feminized
  • Northern Lights Auto
  • Sweet Tooth Auto

SunWest genetics is a boon for people that want superior cannabis genetics.

The cannabis seed bank even boldly claims to have the best seed genetics, and we can see why.


To start, SunWest Genetics not only preserves seed quality but also improves them by breeding different strains to produce unique varieties.

As a result, the Canadian seed bank has some enchanting rare seed selection, and in fact, there are more than 500 strains to go with.

Furthermore, the seed bank also delivers cannabis seeds to all countries. While at it, they’re thoughtful enough to provide stealth shipping on international orders for extra security.

You’ll notice how neatly SunWest Genetics sorts its seed selection. By grouping seeds in flowering type, strain, THC, and CBD types, seed shopping is made relatively easier

Furthermore, you can choose to order by phone to get help and get the exact seeds you need.

Customer Satisfaction

To sum up, SunWest Genetics is a customer favorite, and a massive chunk of reviews pointed to the lush buds their cannabis plants yielded.

Also, international clients also said they didn’t have any shipping problems, unlike their previous experiences.

>> Check out SunWest Genetics’ unique breeds on the official website

9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds — Best Marijuana Seed Bank for Fast Shipping



  • North-America personalized seeds
  • Regular promos
  • Great new strains
  • Same-day shipping


Popular Strains

  • Quebec Gold Feminized
  • Auto Bruce Banner Feminized
  • Gorilla Glue Feminized
  • Quebec Blue Feminized
  • AK 47 Feminized
  • Jack Herer Feminized

Undeniably one of the most popular seed banks that ship to North America, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has built its name by providing personalized cannabis seeds to breeders in Canada and the US.


Right at the top, Quebec sells marijuana seeds that are customized to the harsh North American climate, so less worrying about weather cycles for you.

Interestingly, the Canadian company also stocks limited edition seeds of newly discovered strains, which could float your boat if you want a new cannabis experience.

Quebec Seeds also runs small (10-15%) discounts on select strains. Even more, unlike many seed banks, you get free seeds on every order.

Equally important, the seed company offers same-day shipping. Canadian customers can receive their delivery in as fast as two days, while American clients can get theirs in five days.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate Quebec Seeds’ urgency in delivering their products. Quite a number also enjoyed the free marijuana seeds that came with their packages.

>> Get fast shipping from Quebec Cannabis Seeds (official website)

10. Beaver Seeds — Among the Top 10 Seed Banks for Payment Methods

beaver seeds.jpg


  • Robust seed inspection
  • Free shipping on large orders
  • Good prices and discounts
  • Multiple payment methods


  • Not the biggest selection

Popular Strains

  • Headband Feminized
  • Gorilla Glue Feminized
  • Platinum OG Feminized
  • Candy jack Feminized
  • Cali Kush Feminized Seeds
  • Strawberry Diesel

Established in 2009, Beaver Seeds makes its bones delivering premium cannabis seeds across the world.

Moreover, the seed company proceeds to careful seed selections to see that you get top-quality marijuana seeds.


While they may not have the widest selection, we appreciate Beaver Seeds’ choice to prioritize quality over quantity.

Still, you’ll find Autoflowering, Feminized, Regular, and even CBD seeds if you’re eyeing marijuana’s therapeutic benefits.

In addition, you want to keep an eye on new seed arrivals, as they come with some nice discounts on top of already appealing price tags.

Capping out, the company makes checkout easy by allowing multiple payment methods like cash, credit cards, and Bitcoin. Not to mention, cash payments attract free seeds.

Customer Satisfaction

Beaver Seeds boast high germination rates, and from the user reviews, people seem to be quite stoked about the massive yields they got.

>> Choose quality over quantity by checking Beaver Seeds’ website

11. Mary Jane’s Garden — Straightforward Cannabis Seed Bank



  • Great privacy features
  • Indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds
  • User-friendly website


  • Could improve customer support

Popular Strains

  • California Orange
  • Blueberry Diesel
  • Green Apple Pie
  • Crystal
  • Diamond Kush
  • Gorilla Mint


Mary Jane’s Garden is a direct avenue to some of the world’s most renowned strains.

To give you untainted quality, the company checks all its cannabis seeds for deformities and damage, to set you up for high germination rates.

We also appreciate the fact that Mary Jane’s Garden has personalized outdoor and indoor seeds, making it easier to optimize your growing environment.

What stands out most is how easy it is to buy marijuana seeds online here. The site is intuitive and with the compact seed selection, finding a fitting seed should be a walk in the park.

Customer Satisfaction

We found a few concerns about customer support. Still, the reaction was somewhat mixed with some customers praising the support team for helping them choose the right strains.

Overall, people were pleased with the marijuana seeds, as well as the plain and discreet packages they came in.

>> Check out Mary Jane’s popular strains on the official website

12. MJ Seeds — Medical Cannabis Seed Bank in the US

m seeds.jpg


  • Medical cannabis seeds
  • Good grow guides
  • Research-backed process


  • Pay extra for guaranteed delivery
  • Free seeds only on bulk orders

Popular Strains

  • White Widow Feminized Seeds
  • Jack Herer Autoflower
  • Northern Lights Feminized
  • Bubba Kush Feminized
  • Blue Dream Feminized
  • OG Kush


If you have your eyes set on medical marijuana, MJ Seeds might just have you at heart.

The seed bank has a bias in stocking high CBD seeds for cannabis’ touted therapeutic and healing properties, e.g. pain relief, relaxation, nausea relief, and more.

Additionally, MJ Seeds is said to partner with reputable research institutions on medical marijuana research, therefore showing their commitment to medicinal seeds.

The brand also states that all its cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, giving you extra flexibility.

MJ Seeds further offers guaranteed delivery, although you’ll be charged $30 more. Still, if you want to eliminate package loss risks, then guaranteed delivery will protect you.

Customer Satisfaction

As expected, clients are happy with MJ Seeds’ marijuana seeds and their therapeutic effects.

Beginner growers in the customer reviews also seemed to commend MJ Seeds’ help resources that helped them get a good first experience.

>> Get high-CBD medical strains on MJ Seeds (official website)

How We Chose the Best Seed Banks in the USA

Seed Variety

Naturally, since most clients have different needs, we sought to go with the most versatile seed banks.

We first selected marijuana seed banks that offered multiple strains and gave an edge to seed companies that had thousands of strains to choose from.

We also made sure that these strains were available in different flowering cycles, CBD, THC, Indoor, Outdoor, and other specific categories to help shoppers find the right seed.

Available Guarantees

The best online seed banks offer germination assurances to back up their “quality” claims.

With this in mind, we selected seed stores that provided germination guarantees to protect growers from low success rates.

Most of the sites we chose give an 80% germination rate for their cannabis seeds, and a majority of customers experienced even higher success rates.

Grower Resources

We were also keen on picking seed stores that equipped growers with additional informative resources on growing marijuana.

In addition, we selected sites that provided comprehensive grow guides to help beginner cultivators have a good yield.

Secure Shipping Options

Even in marijuana legal areas, there’s still the risk of confiscation by customs and also the threat of theft.

To alleviate these risks, we went for seed companies that offered free discreet shipping.

Furthermore, we gave a bias to companies that offered guaranteed delivery for replacement in case your order disappears.

Delivery Times

No one wants to wait for ages for their cannabis seeds. And we pored over site reviews to select the best marijuana seed banks that have a reputation for fast delivery.

With our chosen companies, North American and European orders can be delivered within 2-10 days. And, for international deliveries, the maximum delivery time is a month.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online — Beginner’s Guide

Before buying cannabis seeds online, here are a few things you should know.

Parent Strains

Seeds are categorized as either Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strains.

Sativa dominant strains are associated with uplifting and energizing benefits; Indica dominant strains typically have calming benefits; Hybrid seeds give a little of both.

Additionally, Sativa strains are good for daytime consumption while their Indica counterparts are ideal for evening consumption.

THC/CBD Content

THC and CBD directly affect the benefits you receive from marijuana strains.

High THC strains are popular for a powerful head high effect while CBD seed strains are popular for their potential healing properties with little to no psychotropic (high) effect.

If you want to buy seeds for fun, you want to go with THC seed strains, while alternatively choosing CBD seed varieties for medicinal benefits.

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

The growing setting could also determine the strain you want to grow.

Indica cannabis plants grow shorter and bushier hence could be good for indoor growing while Sativa plants grow tall and large and hence would need more space.

Taste and Flavor

Generally, Sativa seed strains have spicy and sweet aromas and tastes while Indica strains typically have pungent skunk strains.

Even away from personal taste preference, seed aromas could affect your privacy.

For example, an outdoor grown Indica strain might reek the air, and your neighbors would know about it.

Basically, just keep in mind your taste and desired discretion when buying cannabis seeds online.

Most Reputable Marijuana Seed Banks in the US — FAQ

What Are Cannabis Seed Banks?

Cannabis seed banks are stores where growers and collectors buy marijuana seeds from.

The best cannabis seed banks are mostly online seed banks, and they can deliver marijuana seeds to your doorstep.

What Are the Most Reputable Seed Banks in the World?

The most reputable seed banks in the world are:

What Are the Benefits of Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Growing marijuana seeds has a ton of benefits;

  • You get peace of mind, e.g. knowing you have no hidden pesticide residues to worry about
  • You get more knowledgeable about hemp, plus growing marijuana is quite fun
  • You save money: Over-the-counter cannabis is expensive, and especially if grown outdoors, growing cannabis can be quite economical and self-sufficient
  • You get personalized seeds: Unlike buying cannabis from someone, you can choose to grow specific male and female seeds that meet your personal goals

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Any State?

It’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in states where recreational cannabis is legal. Still, it’s a bit of a gray area buying marijuana seeds in other states since the 2018 Farm Bill, as it may be argued that cannabis seeds have less than 0.3% THC.

Just to be safe, read your state laws and see if buying marijuana seeds online is legal where you are.

How Do I Choose a Seed Bank?

Assess Their Reputation

The best seed banks have been around for years, but just to play safe check their online customer reviews to ensure a seed bank has a solid customer reputation.


Reputable seed banks cover their customers with germination guarantees, delivery guarantees, or both. So, choose a seed bank that gives a reasonable assurance.

Find Out Where They Ship To

Some seed banks ship globally while some ship to specific countries, make sure to read a seed bank’s shipping policy to see if they deliver to your location.

What Seed Banks Ship to the USA?

Most seed banks ship to the USA, and the most popular seed options for USA customers currently are;

Of the three, it’s worth noting that ILGM is the only one to offer free shipping on every order.

Which Seed Bank Has the Best Genetics?

Crop King Seeds has the best genetics.

The seed bank constantly works to improve its cannabis seeds by breeding different strains to discover new and high-quality genetics.

Additionally, they also have a reputation to preserve their marijuana seeds under freezing temperatures to maintain their quality.

Which Seed Banks Are Legit?

All the seed banks in our review above are legitimate

These companies have years of experience, high customer ratings, and offer some of the highest seed quality in the industry.

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains?

The best cannabis strains are:

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online – Conclusion

There you go! The best seed banks to buy cannabis seeds online.

In case you’re still not sure, here’s our final recommendation:

ILGM is the most well-rounded seed bank with premium quality cannabis seeds, delivery and germination guarantees, free shipping to the US, and 25,000+ reviews.

That said, you may prefer the 4,000+ strains that Seedsman comes with or Crop King Seeds’ ability to deliver basically anywhere in the world.

So go on, spruce up your space and get to growing some top-shelf cannabis seeds.

Disclaimer: This article does not encourage readers to grow marijuana where it is not legal to do so.


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Anna is an avid researcher of all things cannabis-related and has edited over 200 articles on growing marijuana, from choosing the correct grow medium, strains, controlling your indoor climate and even where to purchase seeds from.

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