A Quick List of the Most Elegant Chair Covers

A Quick List of the Most Elegant Chair Covers

Your wedding can definitely be one of the most precious events in your life. Because you might be experiencing wedding only once in your entire life, you must see to it that every detail are truly memorable and are perfectly ironed out. One of the most important aspect you need to consider when planning your wedding is the reception. And to make your reception area perfectly suited for this joyous event, you should make it sure that everything are well taken cared for and every single detail even the smallest ones are well determined.

One way to make your wedding reception more elegant and beautiful is to dress your chairs with elegant chair covers and wedding sashes. There is actually a wide selection of wedding sashes and wedding chair covers available for sale and for rent in the United States right now. As to the type of covers or sashes you will choose, it will absolutely depend on the type of chair you will be using, the theme of your wedding, and your set budget.

Each of the types differs on the fabric used and on the kind of chair they will be covering. Each type also comes in different colors and designs. Here are some of the most popularly used covers and wedding sashes.

  • Scuba Chair Cover

If you have not decided yet what chair to use or perhaps you want a chair cover that is something flexible, the best choice you have is the scuba. This type of cover is designed to easily and perfectly fit any kind of chair regardless of whether it is tall or short back. Scuba are also very flexible that it can easily be stretched vertically and horizontally. What makes this type of cover famous among sophisticated wedding venues aside from its beauty and style is the fact that it can make people sitting on it feel like they are resting in the lap of elegance and luxury.

  • Lycra Chair Cover

The Lycra chair cover is considered a unique kind of cover. It can tightly and snugly fit over any type of chair. As the name suggests, Lycra is made out of Lycra. This type of cover requires minimum maintenance. You can easily wipe away the dirt from it and it does not need to be ironed out as it is absolutely wrinkle-free. Lycra covers works well with Lycra wedding sashes or organza sashes.

  • Banquet Chair Cover

If you are considering to use banquet chairs with no arms and with high backs, your best option is the type of cover that is specifically made to fit them- the Banquet chair covers. Most often, these are made from polyester or satin which is regarded as the most widely used linen for wedding chair covers. This can look gorgeous if paired with satin sashes.

  • Mechanical Stretch Chair Cover

If you are looking for a nice chair cover for your wedding car, you can choose to use the mechanical stretch covers. These highly stretchable covers are specially made to perfectly fit just about any kind of car chair. The good thing about the mechanical stretch is that they can also be used to cover smaller chairs and folding chairs.

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