Baby Gear For Dads

Baby Gear For Dads

One of the most embarrassing things a man can do is carry a diaper bag with cutesy dinosaurs, bunnies or pastel cartoon frogs on it. Today’s baby gear is designed for both mom and dad because more and more dads are taking charge of the baby and their care. This means that an expectant father can get baby gear that is more masculine than the old cutesy gear that was once the only option.

There are a lot of good gifts for dad that are very masculine and handy. Diaper bags are made in a number of camouflage colors and if he doesn’t feel masculine carrying a diaper bag, there is a great selection of vests for new dads that allows him to carry a sippy cup, binkies and other baby items and still look manly. Cargo pants make a great diaper bag for new dads. They have plenty of pockets to carry diapers, bottles and other necessities in while leaving dad’s hands free to handle the baby. Dads can even carry medications such as tummy drops and aspirin in this type of pants. In addition to cargo pants, they can always use a cargo vest that allows them to carry the same type of gear for the baby.

Most expectant mothers have baby showers and are flooded with gifts for her and the baby. An expectant father needs some of his own gear and it is a good idea to have a baby shower for both mom and dad. New dad gifts can also be a good selection for some moms. Some moms are less feminine than others and carrying flowered diaper bags are simply not appropriate. But new dad gifts can be purchased for her like the more masculine diaper bags, vests and even back packs that make carrying them much less embarrassing.

Some baby gear manufacturers even make a messenger bag for dads. These are like a regular messenger bag that carries all of dad’s necessities but they also include a changing pad, pockets for bottles and diapers as well as wipes and lotions. They generally come in a variety of styles and colors and make the perfect gifts for dad. You can even get dad a bag that features his favorite sports team to carry his and the baby’s gear in.

If dad is a jogger, there are a number of jogging strollers that are great gifts for dad. He can jog while spending time with the baby. There is also a large selection of bicycle buggies that can be attached to a bicycle for dad to be able to take his baby or toddler on a bicycle ride. The market for dad’s baby gear is not as vast as that for mom but then most dads don’t care to carry all of the equipment that women do. They would rather put the baby in a back carrier than use a stroller and they don’t feel like they need a carrier either with this type of gear.