Baby Phat Fashions

Baby Phat Fashions

Baby Fashions is one of the most successful African Owned retailers in the United States. The Guru behind the Phat Brand is Russell Simmons, well known for hip hop and rap music and the founder of Def Jam Records. The brand was originally geared toward the male hip-hop artists and fans that wanted to imitate them, but later begin marketing clothes for women and children.

In 1992 Simmons started selling his Phat Farm design line at a shop in Manhattan and later teamed up with boutique owner Marc Bagutta. To become more successful Simmons realized that he had to make his clothes appeal to more then just the hip hop crowd, so he begin to market upscale clothes influenced by top designers of the industry. Throughout the 1990’s Simmons continued to restructure the business on many levels so he could compete with the top designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. In 1993, the women’s line was launched. Simmons married Kimora Lee in 1998, who was a former model and had a savvy eye for fashion. She took an active role in the business and used her fashion expertise to upgrade the clothing line and introduced jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, lingerie, handbags, cologne, makeup, among other items. She also included a line of eye-catching signature looks for the plus size woman.

Phat fashions was very successful under the leadership of Russell, however, Kimora incorporated her innovate and bold fashion concepts, and in only two years after re-launch, the business reached a new financial high in access of $30 million in annual sales. This brand is synonymous with people of all ages and sizes, and these designer clothes are sought after by super stars like Paula Abdul, Britney Spears, Lil’ Kim and Alicia Keys. These bold, playful and outgoing fashions is sold today in over 3,000 retail stores.

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