Bags For All And All For Bags! There Is A Type For Every Lifestyle

Bags For All And All For Bags! There Is A Type For Every Lifestyle

While it’s important to own an appropriate bag for every occasion, at least by the time one reaches their 30’s, it’s also okay to have some fun pieces as well. At some point, a woman wants to make sure she has the perfect bags to go along with each and every outfit in her wardrobe. Thankfully it’s easier than it sounds. Here is a breakdown of the must-have bags for women of all walks of life.

The Satchel:
There’s one main rule when it comes to choosing bags, and that’s to keep them in neutral colors. This way they will work in the office and at play. Black, brown, grey, navy and camel are the top colors that will go with any outfit at all. Choose something with a cross-body strap for active lifestyles, and something with handles on top for desk jobs and the like. Structured styles are more polished and professional. Get the right size too! Bags should hold everything one needs to get through the work day.

A Backpack:
It’s time to rediscover this school-time favorite, as there are many “grown-up” backpacks that are stylish and functional even for a working adult. Forget the tote and go with a classy backpack, it’s surprising how these bags have morphed over the last few years. They look every bit as polished as a tote, and are just big enough to hold more than a cross-body would. Perfect!

A Great Tote:
That is not to discount the tote. A polished tote is perfect for a road-trip or if one has a few extra things more than usual. It’s fun to add to a tote to make it one’s own using tiny embellishments and the like. Made in quality leather they will never go out of style and last a lifetime, possibly.

A Classy Clutch:
Anyone can bring out their street style when they choose to add a statement clutch to their stash of bags. These are perfect for just a casual jeans and t-shirt day or for a night out on the town. Turn heads with this new favorite that can be grabbed to go along with just about anything when one is at a loss as to what bag will be perfect.

Cross Body:
Whatever the occasion, every woman should have a cross-body in her stash of bags. They work well for a dinner date, or a night out with friends. They are just the right size to carry only what one needs to freshen up or get into the clubs. Use the strap to make it easier to move around and choose something that is fun with tiny details that still “pop” for onlookers.

An Evening Bag:
Whether a mini strap bag or clutch, every girl should have a stunning after-hours bag that will be perfect for the most upscale of parties. While black is always the best option, the most important consideration is to find a style that has understated details, like a velvet quilted style or satin choice.

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