Best Diaper Bags 2022

There are some things we purchase once in parenthood, such as a crib, and then there are things that seem to just accumulate, from strollers to baby carriers to yes, way too many diaper bags. Two years into my motherhood journey—after plenty of trial and error and chatting with other parents and experts—I believe I’ve found the best diaper bags for a number of parents, including those with twins, those with toddlers, those getting ready to travel and even for the often fussiest diaper bag carrier: Dad.

True story, when I first became a parent, I skipped the diaper bag purchase thinking it was one of those non-essential, over-priced items (*insert knowing chuckle here*). Instead, I opted to put a diaper bag insert into my favorite tote. This worked great until my husband refused to carry said cute tote and took our baby to the pediatrician sans anything but a paci, meaning he was without fresh diapers and bottles.

I finally brought home a gender neutral diaper bag, because it turns out it is nice to have one dedicated bag that carries all that baby gear. It makes it easier for everyone to find that one crucial item and ensures you’re never caught out on-the-go without a fresh change of clothes, wipes, extra snacks or a beloved toy.

I didn’t stop with just one diaper bag though. I bought another. And then another. In short, diapers bags, like trucks, trains and broken crayons, quickly accumulated in our household. But because time is not a luxury many parents take for granted, I wanted to share with you the best diaper bags I’ve discovered over the years and possibly save you many hours (and years) of research. Whether you’re looking for something to share with your spouse, a backpack diaper bag or something to help you survive family travel, behold, the nine best diaper bags out there.

Best Diaper Bag Overall

The Bag That Has Everything You Could Ever Want… And More

When it comes to diaper bags, the Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack stands above the rest for a number of reasons. Made from recycled water bottles and neoprene, the bag is durable, water-resistant, chic and lightweight. It comes in a number of colors and is hand-washable. It was also easily the most recommended option during my hunt for the perfect diaper bag.

While I initially didn’t purchase it because of the price, I soon found it was well worth the money. It offers compartments for pretty much everything you could ever need (diapers, bottles, loveys), and it easily clips to a stroller. I love the included mini changing mat and extra pouches, so you don’t have to dread on-the-go diaper changes (as much). There’s a specific compartment for wipes so you don’t have to dig while your hands are dirty. The Dagne Dover diaper bag also holds a laptop and attaches easily to carry-on suitcases with its luggage sleeve, making it a great option for travel. On a personal note, I also became a big fan of the brand I showed up for a volunteer shift at Baby to Baby and saw that they had donated hundreds of bags to children and parents in need during the pandemic. Good design and good values? Love it.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack

A Must-Have For Families With Any Number Of Children

Organization is essential when you’re ready to go from one to two kids, or when you’re on the cusp of having three under age 3. While I’m still on number one, one of my dearest mom friends is about to welcome her third and swears by this bag. “I love that there are so many pockets and so much space to carry everything I need,” says mom McKenna Fakheri. “It has insulated drink pockets and a pull out changing mat that’s very convenient.”

It’s also one of the most spacious but lightweight diaper bag backpack options out there and the only one she’s ever felt the need to purchase because it’s that good. I also love that it offers full zipper opening for easy access to the bottom of the bag, a back pocket to conceal your phone from your little Blippi-addict, a top handle for when you have to sprint after your eldest and D-rings on either side to attach it to your stroller. It’s also made from wipeable, coated cotton canvas, which makes spills a bit easier.

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Best Diaper Bag for Twins

Extra Spacious Diaper Bag Backpack With All The Pockets

When it comes to juggling twins, mom Natasha Hanasab says convenience is key. Asked which diaper bag she relies on to hold everything she needs to tend to her toddler twins, Hanasab stressed that a name brand or aesthetically pleasing diaper bag wasn’t really important to her. She needed adequate size, lots of pockets and intuitive design. This Ruvalino diaper backpack has all that in spades.

With two large zippered sections and two smaller ones in the front of the bag, there’s plenty of space to stay organized. The bag also includes many interior pockets, an insulated snack section, an insulated bottle holder, a portable padded changing mat and a back pocket for your phone and keys. There’s also a lanyard attachment for pacifiers or anything else you might need. Thanks to the price and utility, this diaper bag is a favorite of all parents (myself and several family members and friends, included), regardless of whether they have twins. It’s on extra sale at Amazon right now, starting at around $30, depending on the color.

Best Luxury Diaper Bag

Sleek, Refined And Useable Beyond The Diaper Bag Down The Road

This Fendi diaper bag is a beautiful option if you’d really like to go big on the diaper bag front. Many luxury brands have gotten into the baby gear game in recent years, so there are more options than ever. This Fendi number stands out because—in my opinion—it has more staying power than other options. While many designer diaper bags are very obviously diaper bags, I like that this one, in theory, could be used once your children are out of the infant phase. Can’t you see it as your new gym or travel bag? It’s also a bit more refined than other heavily branded options.

If you’re looking to spend above $500 for your diaper bag, I also suggest considering purchasing a standard designer tote—such as the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, the Hermès Herbag or the Chanel Maxi—and then adding a diaper bag insert like the Tote Savy . Of course, you’ll want to avoid getting into the aforementioned situation my husband did where someone doesn’t want to carry your fancy bag and suddenly baby is missing all his favorite items.

Best Affordable Diaper Bag

You Truly Can’t Beat The Price Or Convenience

At just $25, it’s hard to resist the dynamic KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack. It’s compact and lightweight and yet includes many features that some of the pricier options don’t, such as: snap-closure top-handles that allow you to attach it to any stroller or luggage, a discrete back zipper to quickly grab a diaper or access its brilliant waterproof pocket and a genius side wipe slit so you don’t have to even open the bag to access them. I also love the convenience of the zip top, the 15 (!) pockets and three insulated bottle holders. It is on the smaller size but has enough well-used space to cary items for up to three children, making it a great option for a trip to the park or for travel, all for just $25.

Best Diaper Bag For Dads

Cool-Dad Accessible And Incredibly Functional Carryall

I’m a personal fan of most everything Bèis makes, because it seems like the company thinks of what I need before I even know, which is often especially important for a dad diaper bag. Described as “the Swiss army knife of diaper bags,” this gem has an answer for everything. Like other popular diaper bags, it has deep zip pockets, a key leash and a baby wipes pocket. But, unlike other options, it also includes a removable fanny pack, a U-zip compartment on the back of the bag and a foldout changing station complete with a pocket for diapers, wipes and any creams you might need.

Not only that, it also has insulated pockets for bottles, tons more organizational pockets, a smell-proof diaper pouch, a pacifier pouch, teething toy and stroller straps. It’s also chic and well-constructed so guys can solidify their cool-dad status and be immensely prepared. It is a bit big, so those with a petite frame may be overwhelmed. My husband also thinks its “super cool,” which is saying a lot. All of these factors make it one of our favorite dad diaper bags, best backpack diaper bags and yeah, just all-around carryall.

Best Diaper Bag for Travel

A Diaper Bag With A Built-In Travel Basinet

As many families reintegrate travel into their lives, this diaper bag is going to be a game-changer. Sure, many diaper bags these days have foldout changing stations, but this standout offers a nearly full-size changing table with it! If you’ve ever had to change your baby on one of those bathroom pull-down changing stations, you’ll know why this bag is so amazing. Yuck!

Equipped with mesh sides and a padded mat, the backpack-cum-travel bassinet is great for diaper changes on the go and (supervised) airport naps. Reviewers say it’s just as useful and durable as expected, but that it is a touch difficult to assemble the travel bassinet. In addition to the travel bassinet, the roomy diaper bag features pockets for your phone, wallet and wipes. Layered compartments keep things separated and three large insulated pockets keep bottles at the ready. It’s also waterproof. While I haven’t personally used this bag, I’m definitely bookmarking it should we expand our family.

Best Diaper Bag For Toddlers

Just As Useful With Your Toddler As It Is For Preschool

As much as I loved larger diaper bags earlier in my parenting journey, once my son started moving at a faster speed (read: sprinting everywhere), I wanted to be more nimble. That’s where the Go Dash Dot Mini Backpack came in. Not only does it suit my needs as a mom and generally busy human, but it also has all of the necessary accoutrements for a toddler parent.

It’s compact, includes a series of intuitive pockets and has the ideal amount of space for a change of clothes, several pull-ups, wipes, snacks and both you and your child’s water bottle. There’s a mesh pocket that fits an iPad and a machine-washable pouch that’s great for dirty clothes or diapers. I also love the front zip pockets, so I don’t have to hunt for my keys, phone and wallet in a cavernous tote bottom. Personally, I also find it stylish enough to carry when I’m without my child as I go between pilates class, errands, the grocery store and picking him up.

Best Compact Diaper Bag

It’s A Fanny Pack! It’s A Belt Bag! …It’s A Diaper Bag!

If you would have told me all of my son’s diapering materials and snacks would fit in a fanny pack, I would have laughed in your face. But, somehow, Kibou seems to have altered the rules of time and space to make it all work. The vegan leather diaper belt bag looks a bit like an elevated version of the beloved Lululemon belt bag but has sufficient space to enclose a changing pad, your credit cards, cash and keys, wipes, pacifiers and more. It’s water-resistant, practical and ideal for quick trips with kids or walks. I also love that it has a waterproof pocket for wipes or wet clothes. While I wouldn’t suggest it for parents of newborns, it’s a wonderful option for lighter packing with older children. It keeps you ready to run after them, too!