Biden Administration’s ‘reproductive rights’ website offers

Biden Administration’s ‘reproductive rights’ website offers

The Biden administration’s new website,, gives women and girls numerous links and resources to access abortion, including links referring girls as young as 15 to get abortions without their parents’ knowledge.

It does not, however, provide any resources for women who choose to either parent or place a child with an adoptive family. As pointed out by the pro-life organization The Radiance Foundation, the government seems to be excluding pregnancy as a part of reproductive health.

“The HHS site only mentions ‘pregnant’ once (to clarify what ‘prenatal care’ is),” The Radiance Foundation wrote on Facebook. “But don’t worry, HHS then offers zero prenatal care resources. And of course, women who reject abortion (which are the vast majority of mothers) are offered no alternatives to abortion. There are zero links to pregnancy medical resources or maternity homes which help millions of moms with their life-affirming reproductive decisions. What about a #WomensRightToKnow all that’s available to make an informed decision? Of course, that’s never what fake feminism has been about.”

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For women who want to remain pregnant and keep their babies, the Biden administration’s website offers zero support, which is unsurprising, since the site is funded by two of the largest pro-abortion groups in the United States: Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation. The collaboration further cements the Biden administration as the most pro-abortion administration in U.S. history, and proves that this administration is not nearly as “pro-choice” as it is “pro-abortion.”

Pregnancy resource centers outnumber abortion facilities in the United States three to one. These centers provide women with a multitude of resources to help them keep and raise their babies with confidence. The services provided are always free of charge and include baby gear, baby clothes, diapers, pregnancy testing, STD testing, housing, parenting classes, help accessing childcare, helping accessing health care, and help pursuing a degree. Thanks to pregnancy resource centers, more than 800,000 women have been able to avoid abortions they didn’t want.

“Approximately 3,000 [pregnancy help centers] PHCs form the foundation for a network of pregnancy help including adoption agencies, maternity housing, Alternatives to Abortion state funding programs, newer state-level initiatives like Her PLAN (Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network) and more,” the Charlotte Lozier Institute stated regarding its “Saved Impact at U.S. Pregnancy Help Centers” report.

Yet, pro-abortion Senator Elizabeth Warren is now actively working to shut down these vital centers and the Biden administration is pretending they don’t exist, while pointing to abortion as if it were a woman’s only option for an unplanned pregnancy.

Whatever the Biden administration’s reason for excluding options and resources for pregnant women from its new website — population control, discrimination, or an unspoken partnership between the government and the abortion industry — it is clear that the current administration — under a self-avowed Catholic president — is now encouraging women to seek abortions.

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