Deadly Curse of Family and Friends on Your Music

Deadly Curse of Family and Friends on Your Music

So you’ve just finished the next great single and are eager to know what people think about it. So, you hurry on to your best friend or family member and ask them for their “honest” opinion. They look into your eyes and see how much you really believe in this track and they know about the countless hours you spent making the song. Now, do you really think you’re going to get the honest truth from them?

Our family and friends are usually there to support us in whatever we may do and sometimes for them breaking our hearts is just not in them. So if your song sounds like utter garbage, you’re likely to hear euphemisms like “oh, wow…it’s got a different style to it” or “it’s certainly something I’ve never heard before”…the list is endless. Truth be told, inside they may be thinking “damn…this dude should not quit his day job” or “is this noise I’m hearing even legal!”

Although there are the rare gems among our circle of friends and family that don’t hold back on the truth and tell you exactly what comes to mind when they listen to your music, you should really try aim to play your music to like-minded people and even strangers to get honest opinions. The problem with getting reviews from your close acquaintances is that they may not give you the proper lay down on what it is that you need to be doing with your music. This will intern curse and doom you into a bubble of ignorant bliss where you won’t really challenge yourself to make better music. Even if you’re now a seasoned professional in music creation, don’t let your guard down and accept sugar-coated critics, listen to the critics that don’t boost your ego or inflate your head to the size of a hot air balloon!

Of course there are times where you need to go against the masses and bring us something new and totally different – this is how many genres began. BUT you have to be extremely talented or lucky to be able to successfully do that as we are all creatures of habit and the fact is we like our music delivered to us in a certain type of way be it you’re a country music lover or a die-hard rock music fan!

So learn to use your personal judgment and gut feeling to analyze your own music and decide whether the reviews you’re hearing are truthful or biased. It’s hard hearing something when it’s not praising you but learn to accept negative criticisms of your music as constructive criticisms and use them to better your skill and craft. Just be weary not to listen to every single bit of advice – good or bad – you may end up with a mushy song that has no clear direction or purpose.

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