Dentist Services for Babies

Dentist Services for Babies

A dentist usually services people from all ages but there are also some who focus on specific ages in order to make their practice more specialized. Those who do specialize on certain ages or conditions can treat other conditions not related to their specialization. Most of the time, they do treat minor conditions that are close to their specializations but they might also recommend their patient to another specialist if the need arises. Dental specialists for babies usually extend their services up to younger children around the age of ten or twelve.

One of the services that a pediatric dentist extends to his or her patients is a checkup or consultation in accordance to their age. Usually, the consultation can start as soon as the first milk teeth come out while some pediatricians will recommend going as soon as the baby starts teething. The dental specialist can make recommendations regarding what to do for babies who are teething as well as how to clean and take care of the milk teeth that will come out. He or she will also request the parents to bring back the patient for further follow-ups and checkups regarding placement and bite. The pediatric dental specialist can also supply the necessary equipment and paraphernalia that can be used to maintain and take care of the oral cavity of the baby. These equipment include, but are not limited to, toothbrushes, toothpastes and many others which are geared for babies and younger children. There are many different kinds of cleaning aids which are used for babies during the earlier months. While some dental specialists recommend wrapping a piece of gauze around the parents’ finger to facilitate cleaning of the milk teeth, some manufacturers have produced more efficient cleaning aids such as special toothbrushes that can fit around a parents’ finger for better cleaning.

Toothpastes are also specifically gentler in their composition compared to that of older children. The dentist can also extend services like extraction and cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that covers the aesthetics for the teeth. This happens when a baby or a toddler might have a decayed or rotten tooth which will need to be fixed not extracted. Extraction is often delayed in consideration of the fact that the permanent teeth might not come out until the child reaches the age of six and above. Many of these dental specialists routinely check the oral cavity of babies and younger children to make sure that everything is alright. Another service that the dentist is likely to offer his or her young patients and their parents is a routine application of protection against tooth decay. Placing this formula can help prevent the occurrence of tooth decay but this formula needs to be applied routinely.

These are just a few of the services that a pediatric specialist might offer to the parents of the babies that are brought to him or her. Many services are offered according to the needs of the patient.