Gearing Up For the Big Day

Gearing Up For the Big Day

You are now six months pregnant though there have probably been times when you wondered if you would ever get this far. Your baby will probably have been moving for a couple of weeks by now and much though you might enjoy knowing your baby is doing what he or she is supposed to, there are times when the movements can be uncomfortable for you.

When you go online to baby clubs you should find plenty of information on the last three months and also what to expect when you eventually go into labour. By now you will probably have decided what sort of birth you want and who you want to be with you. Some mothers may even start packing their case ready to go into hospital, in many ways this is not as daft as it sounds because if the baby were to be born prematurely, you won’t need to waste time hunting for your things.

You are probably aware by now that providing you have a fairly normal birth you could be in the hospital for less than forty eight hours when you have your baby. If you take a look at some of the advice and information at the baby clubs online, you will find out just what to expect from labour and when your husband or partner should either get the car out or call an ambulance to take you to hospital. Although you shouldn’t push yourself too hard over the next few months, this is the time you can really start preparing for your baby’s safe arrival.

You may not need a proper cot to start with, nowadays many new born babies sleep in a mosses basket or crib for the first few months as anything else may be a bit too large for them. It is always a good idea to have three of everything such as bibs, sleeping suits, baby grows and vests. Even if you are breastfeeding you will still need bottles and a sterilising kit for when your baby needs a drink of water or juice. You’ll also need to buy in plenty of nappies as almost nobody now uses the old terry nappies for their baby. While you will be wanting to get everything prepared for the addition to your family, it’s a good idea not to overdo it.

When you chat with other mums at the baby clubs you’ll find that during the last few weeks you can get very tired – you are, after all, carrying round a lot of extra weight and the baby may be taking more of your vitamins etc. Blood tests are often important in the last trimester of pregnancy as many women suffer from anaemia at this time. You shouldn’t be frightened of these things but it really does help to be properly aware of them. If you feel tired in the afternoons then get some sleep, this is not laziness, not only are you tired but your body is readying itself for the day when your baby arrives.