Hercules Trombone Stand – Review

Hercules Trombone Stand – Review

I have used a Hercules Trombone Stand for the past three years. This stand is great in my opinion so I decided to do a full review on it.

Design – I love the design of this trombone stand. It is far from a standard “in the bell” trombone stand. The Trombone itself rests on the braces of the handslide. This is close to how the instrument is supported when it’s in your hands. Therefore, the stand will not cause harm to either brace while resting. Also, there is no risk of damaging the bell while placing it or removing it from the stand. The width of the slots can be adjusted easily by a simple mechanism on the stand. This means it can fit student models through the wide slide on my 42BO! However, it does not fit my alto. This ability also makes for a very stable resting position as there is no extra room for the trombone to wobble.

Design rating – 5/5

Mobility – This stand has a tripod bottom which can be collapsed without adding any extra length to the stand. The stand itself is not that heavy, but it can be a bit bulky to carry around. Especially in a backpack. It would be nice if this stand could collapse a little bit more. However, if this could collapse down more it may sacrifice durability and stability which is where this stand really shines out in my opinion.

Mobility rating – 4/5


New, innovative design

Low/no risk of damaging instrument while using it

Very stable



Doesn’t fit my Alto

Takes a bit longer to place/remove from stand (though it’s still easy)

Would be nice if it collapsed a bit more

Overview – This stand is not your typical “in the bell” trombone stand. The trombone is easy to insert and remove, yet the instrument is completely secure while resting. The trombone also does not rest perpendicular to the ground but rather at an angle. I prefer this stand to any other that I have tested out.

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