Hip Hop Blog Reviews

Hip Hop Blog Reviews

Hip hop blogs are growing in popularity and will continue to do so in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular blogs out there today:

Rap-Up is one of the largest and most trusted. Primarily focuses on rap and R&B, it also includes interactive content, exclusive video clips, interviews with bona fide music starts and a running podcast. Their posts are short and to the poinht and really cover hip comprehensively.

CultureBully Based in Minneapolis, this blog offers features on local talent, including reviews and polls. Not just hip hop, but provides solid underground rap articles on Midwestern music groups like Atmosphere, Eyedea, Brother Alia and MF Doom.

WoooHah focuses on hip hop culture in general such as fashion, music, movies and lifestyle. They also have a business section (unique in this list). The presentation is professional and journalistic in nature.

Hiphopisread. Great blog with a great title!┬áThis is one of my all time favorites, as the blog really gets into issues and topics that only true rap heads would appreciate. If you’re into the underground/classic/lyrical side of rap, you gotta check them out.

Boombox Music Blog. The Boombox is a high quality hip hop blog with a great layout. The writing is top notch and covers everyone from Beyonce to Ghostface. You can track your favorite artists and receive updates when they are touring in your area. In addition, you can listen via AOL playlists to your favorite rap and R&B songs.

Crunk and Disorderly. Offers up to date reporting on Southern rap with a lot of video posts covering a wide variety of topicss (basically anything they can poke fun at). This website is freakin’ hilarious and comes highly recommended.

Hip hop blogs continue to grow, but these are some of the major players. There’s a definite divide between the slick production of blogs like Boombox vs the low maintenance high quality of HipHopIsRead, but all of them certainly capture the essence of rap music, its people and its culture.

There is certainly something for everyone in this list, so check them all out and see for yourself which are right for you. You can learn more about hip hop blogs using the search engine Technorati. Visit their site and enter a term your interested in, and Technorati serves up the most trusted blogs in the blogosphere.

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