How to Make Yard Pens a Safe Play for Babies

How to Make Yard Pens a Safe Play for Babies

Yard pens if used in the right manner can act as wonderful safety gears for small babies. Learn how you can make best out of the safety these baby products offer.

If you spent a good time choosing the best out of available yard pens, you further need to learn the best use of these baby safety products. Most of the parents consider that a baby inside a play pen is always safe and they don’t need to take any extra care. However, you have to make some efforts to make these products work the way they are designed to. Here are some safety tips to help you in this direction.

Correct Installation

You must refer to the directions to set up and install the baby yard pens in the right manner. These instructions must be known to each and every member of the family who would install the play pen in your absence. You must check the joints, locks and hinges of the pen to ensure that they don’t have a fault.

Place of Installation

You must show concern in choosing the right place to install the baby yard pen every time. Make sure that not much wind is blowing at the place as it may make the baby feel cool. Also, make sure that the place is not prone to water or moisture. A yard pen must also be installed away from fireplaces or other such sources of fire.

If you wish to install the pen inside a room, make sure that they are not near to electric sockets or wires. Also take caution by keeping the pen away from curtains, heavy furniture, vases and other such things.

Don’t Arrange for Jumping

Many parents are habitual of placing pads, mattresses and blankets in huge number inside the play pen to keep the baby warm. If the baby has attained good height, these things may arrange for the baby to attempt jumping out of the pen. It is better to avoid such things in huge number.

Finally, don’t use a small baby pen for two babies as it may not be able to protect them fully. Make sure that you frequently check the baby’s activities while performing other tasks.