Kids Are Growing Up With The Funskool Toys

Kids Are Growing Up With The Funskool Toys

The formative years are really important for learning through play and toys form an integral part of this phase called childhood. They develop a child’s imagination and tend to broaden their thought process. The functionality of toy plays an important role in developing various skills and improving functions. The wide range of Funskool toys are scientifically designed to specifically focus on particular age requirements.

The toy range starts with a stock for the newborns and with a variety for all the age groups, Funskool toys boast of special games that can be played by the whole family for the purpose of spending quality time together. The bright squeaky toys, rattles and teethers are for improving the sensory development, hand-eye coordination, grasp and attention span in infants. When it comes to little ones, safety is a priority. these toys are totally non toxic and have no sharp edges so score well with little ones!

The crawling aids and play sets are a favorite with toddlers. They play an important role in physical development by specifically focusing on muscle development. The color recognition and fine motor development involving finger grasp are greatly improved with this range of toys. The pulls along toys are their constant companions tailing them around all the time. The child tends to gain confidence when he explores the unexplored corners of the house on his own.

The toys that are a blend of art and science get the kids ready for school. Playfully, they improve their reflexes by learning about colors, recognizing shapes and the best comes through play dough when they let their imagination run abound and creative streak out. They learn to identify animals, birds and have their favorite cartoon characters as their companions, Noddy and Nerfs. They learn to socialize and communicate through these creative toys.

The doll loving girls and car crazy boys are in for pretend play. The phase is actually important to widen the horizons of imagination as well as communication of thoughts, feelings and ideas. It also forms a foundation for future role playing as girls are fond of kitchen sets and boys love racing cars. A collection of board games and puzzles from Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Dora and Diego and IIT at Funskool, enhance observation skill and logical thinking. The Lego construction sets are equally favorite with the boys and the girls alike. They tend towards instilling confidence and improving problem solving skills. The toys offer an array of games for the families that love to play together because the family that plays together, stays together!

Funskool toys help the children to learn cooperation, sharing and social behavior. The toys are durable so cannot be scratched, chipped or marked and rank high on the issue of safety as well. The online toy shopping brings in the convenience factor and one can easily order the toys after browsing the wide range and choosing the best for their kids. So, let the children grow with their favorite Funskool toys as they are just a click away!

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