Let Your Kid Design and Build Their Own Racing Car

Let Your Kid Design and Build Their Own Racing Car

Introducing the Hot Wheels Car Maker Set. This year its one of the more popular toys around the country. It’s on the hot toy list for this year. This new Hot Wheels addition actually let’s your kids design and make their own cars that they can race on their Hot Wheels track. The Car Maker Set has lights and guides your child with voice powered instructions that they can easily follow.


  • Choose a mold and colored wax stick for your vehicle
  • In about eight minutes, the Car Maker melts the wax into the car mold and cools off
  • Voice prompts will guide kids through the process, while music and flashing lights add to the fun
  • Attach molded vehicle body to one of the three included chassis
  • Decorate the car with decals in the sticker pack and race it on track (not included)
  • Lots of creative, imaginative play for your Hot Wheels fan!

Mattel’s Car Maker comes with the main Car Maker molding unit, 10 wax sticks, two molds, three chassis and a sheet of cool stickers. The bodies are interchangeable with different size chassis for racing or for some off-road fun.

The heating unit and elements are inside the main unit keeping hands and fingers away from the cooker. Surprisingly, the unit stays cool at all times during the molding process. You can get the refill kits for more molds and Protoshotz wax sticks in different colors. These come separately.

What kid wouldn’t love the idea of creating and building they’re own racing cars. Imagine building your own racing car. Then with the stickers they can detail the cars as much as they want with hot speedy flames or other stylish designs. The finished vehicle will be a treasured addition to their collection.

Flashing lights and a voice activated command guide talks your child through the whole process step by step. It is fun and easy to do, but it may be a good idea to be on hand during the first car production just to make sure your child understands the steps and does things correctly. Your input in helping them to take their time and to insert the Protoshotz wax stick straight are things that they may need help with.

One of the hardest things for kids with this Car Maker toy is the cooling off of the mold period. After going through the steps in creating their own car and finally holding the finished molded car body in their hands, makes it hard for the impatient youngster to let the mold cool off for a few minutes before moving on to the next step. The next step is opening the mold and finally seeing the finished racing car body that they created. After putting it on the chassis they can start detailing it with flames or any other sticker of their choice.

Car Maker Set can be so much fun for the kids and it lets them create and actually hold the finished racer in their hands. They can race it on the track or off. Imagine the looks on their friend’s faces when they tell them, “Look what I made.”

The Mattel’s Hot Wheels Car Maker set is fun and exciting especially for a creative child. It’s a hands on process of designing, building and detailing their own creation of a racing car or other vehicles. They will be proud of the finished product. It could also be a spark for a designing career.