Magix Music Maker-Informative Review

Magix Music Maker-Informative Review

The current wide array of software programs in existence can make it quite confusing and hard to find the right one for you. There are some specifications that will help narrow down the search for the right one based off of your experience and the level of quality that you prefer your music to contain. Magix Music Maker MX has come up with two different programs that are very similar but differ in the form of complexity and variety. Their basic version is a slimmed down version with essential pieces, while the deluxe program comes with a more robust amount of features.

The Magix Music Maker contains over 3500 different loops and sounds with 64 MIDI tracks, audio and video. Some examples of the sounds and features contained in the program are: vandal SE guitar amplifier, midi editor, drum engine, vita sample player, lead synthesizer, loop designer and a variety of other sounds and loops as well. The program also makes it possible to convert files to Wav or MIDI which gains another aspect of program flexibility.

While comparing this program to some of its competitors we have discovered that it does not come as fully packed as them but it does contain some unique additional instrumentation and effects with VST support that make it still worth while. Equipped with an impressive interface, it may be difficult to learn how to operate but for those whom are already experienced with beat making programs it should be quite simple. In fact, the Magix Music Maker producers have come to understand the difficulty of first time use and they have provided different online forums and interactive tutorials to make the adjustmant smoother.

This new version of Magix Music Maker has added many new tools to their previous library and allows for access to preloaded instrument loops and BeatBox is still available. Some new features introduced in the updated version are: Sound Vision (reorganizes sounds into visual scheme), Infobox (Gives production instruction as you go), and Microscope Mode (Allows for dissection of sound waves). To complete some of the new additions, they have also implemtented the ability toupload your beats onto Myspace and YouTube.

It is important that with some of the new complexities of this program that people use all of the online tutorials to get the full potential out of their music. Now the standard version of Magix Music Maker may not have the variety of instruments that you need and this problem is solved with the premium version of the program. Although the program may seem simple, it actually compares quite well with more popular programs that most would find familiar.

GarageBand is a program that many may be familiar with and it is strikingly similar to Magix Music Maker program. The nice thing is that if you are already fairly acquainted with GarageBand, then Magix Music Maker will be an easy adjustment for you to make and as long as the prescribed tutorials are adhered to, the program will be simple to use and suggestible to almost anyone.

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