Modern Nomad Transformed Into A Spectacle of Sustainable

The Glowin’ and Growin’ fashion event gathered the community together for a night of sustainable fashion and creative collaboration. The event took place on July 8 at Modern Nomad in the RiNo Art District and was produced by Halle Madeleine and Jordan McClendon. With Modern Nomad’s storefront as the backdrop, the producers cleverly utilized the building’s garage door and furniture to create a theatrical setting for the outdoor fashion show.

The runway show was accompanied by the involvement of organizations, musicians and artists. All drink proceeds from the event were donated to the Lincoln Hills Cares Program to give back to the community and the earth. The event was also sponsored by the Happy Humans Project, an organization that advocates for intentional connection between communities.

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As audience members prepared themselves for a night of fashion, Jae Wes set the mood with an artful performance on the cello composed by Masta Pharaoh. The show then began with a segment by Killionaire, designed by Moses Kisale, who debuted his new Made From Home collection. As the sun began to set downtown, Fuego Flames sang “I wanna be a Killionaire” while models interacted with the set behind him.

Kisale’s latest collection featured industrial looks, including patched denim skirts, distressed khaki and white cutout tops. His versatile designs functioned as pieces of art while maintaining his distinct streetwear style.

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Following Killionaire was Time Baby Vintage, curated by Katie Travers, who conveyed an homage to groupie style from the 70s era. Travers reimagined the energy, music and art of the 70s through fashion. She managed to compile every relevant trend from the decade into five looks, including clogs, sweater vests, prairie dresses and bell bottoms. Music by Wave Decay, a local band, added to the atmosphere while models walked the runway.

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Gulosch Garments concocted harmonious ensembles from seemingly random pieces. The segment was set apart by designer Scooter James’ determination to give scraps of fabric a new purpose in his innovative collection. Accompanied by the vocals of Wes, models strutted down the runway in reworked and patched items in monotone color schemes of greens, blues and neutrals.

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After a brief intermission, On Beat Vintage displayed its Silver and Gold collection under the moonlight. The Silver and Gold collection was influenced by the luster of earth’s minerals, as well as On Beat Vintage’s partnership with jewelry brand Love Saro. The segment began with a soulful guided meditation by Sasha “Starseed” Kovalchick and then transitioned into a showcase of shimmering vintage garments curated by Lydia Peacock.

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Closing out the fashion show was Lost Room Collective, a vintage brand curated by Bella Conte, Emily Kaler, and Lily Walters with a storefront in RiNo. The collective’s mission with their segment was to show how audience members can build a sustainable wardrobe using pre-used pieces. They stayed true to their mission by setting trends in vintage fashion throughout their runway segment. By mixing and matching pieces from different decades, the ladies of Lost Room managed to create looks that were both experimental and timeless.

Succeeding the fashion show, DJ Gruv maintained the energy of the event with a dance party to close out the night. From start to finish, Glowin’ and Growin’ was a thoughtful event that gave sustainable designers and vintage curators a platform while also backing a great cause. The event served as a midsummer reminder that Denver’s fashion scene can bring the community together to celebrate artistic expression.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.

Editor’s Note: The original article stated Jae Wes sang “I wanna be a Killionaire” and the article has been updated to reflect it was Fuego Flames and composed by Masta Pharaoh.

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