Shoe Wearing Tips For Men

Shoe Wearing Tips For Men

A good number of men do pay attention to their image and what they wear and how they look in the end. Fashion shoes for men come in many different styles and colors and a man who cares about his image will want to get it right every time whether going for dress shoes or casual ones. Whatever your shoe taste, a few very helpful shoe tips can not only help you wear your shoes right, but also help a lot in the buying process so you are able to match your existing wardrobe with the shoes or make small upgrades to fit in a pair that you just love to buy.

1. Always make sure that your shoes are darker than the pants you wear. This is one of the most important tips you can find for men’s shoes. Instead of attracting attention in the right way like it is the case for women, shoes brighter than your pants can actually leave you looking ridiculous.

2. Never wear sandals with socks. No matter how cold it could be, this is the last thing you should ever do, especially when you plan to step out of your house. The inclusion of socks spoils an otherwise good looking pair of sandals and the image in general.

3. Be cautious when choosing to wear your khakis with sneakers. This is because such a combination can end up making you look much older that you really are. Unless this is the kind of look you wish to achieve then try a different shoe for the khakis.

4. Match the socks you wear with the shoes. If this sounds a little funny to you, then at least let the socks you choose strike some balance between the pants and the shoes.

5. When wearing your dress shoes, make sure they are shined and looking good at all times. You can shine your shoes or get a professional shoe shiner to get the job done for you. If you can, then you should consider having a shoe shining cloth or brush stashed in your drawer in the office to keep the shoe looking amazing.

6. Try and buy flip flops every summer, but never wear them to work. They are some of the most comfortable shoes you can have for that time you just want to relax at home.

7. Get yourself a good pair of loafers or a few of them if possible. The great thing about loafers is that they go with just about any outfit and will work for any look.

8. Ensure that you have at least a pair of quality boots in your wardrobe; they will come in handy especially in cold wet conditions. However, never wear cowboy boots with a suit unless you want to attract the wrong attention.

9. Get a pair of brown oxfords. This is one of the best pairs you can have considering that it is easy to work with almost everything.

10. Avoid wearing sandals if you know you have gross feet. If you feel you must, then at least consider a pedicure to make a few improvements.

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