Thomas Games

Thomas Games

Young children love Thomas the Tank Engine. They love the movies, watching the child-like characters interact and bump into each other. Thomas and his friends have work to do, and they must learn to work together and help each other to get the jobs done. Through watching the movies children learn about relationships and working together, they learn about emotions and how to deal with them appropriately. Through the Thomas and friends computer games children learn about counting, reading the time, matching and memory games and lots more.

When children play with TrackMaster Thomas children enter into the fantasy world of Thomas and his friends on the Island of Sodor. Using their great imaginations, children then act out their own versions of the story. There is so much for young children to learn and Thomas and his friends teach good values and morals.

Here are 3 of the Best Thomas Games: TrackMaster Thomas

1. TrackMaster Thomas and Friends Motorized Railway – Busy Day on Sodor Deluxe Train Set

Little engineers can stop at the farm to load up by flipping open the front of the barn and then load the hay into the cargo cars. Next, head to the water tower and press the button to refill the engine. Continue around the track to each of the stations and pick up and drop off the passengers and then to Elsbridge Station to pick up the cargo. The Busy Day on Sodor Deluxe train set comes loaded with different cargo and accessories to help create a really busy day on the Island of Sodor.

The bridge’s risers are tall enough that young children can send a train chugging under it and the yellow tunnel is a helipad. The track’s 33 pieces includes a few curves and switch pieces, and the two long pieces of track which are elevated pieces along with the two risers will enable connection of the bridge.

This playset is a deluxe set which includes a very intricate track layout with a lot of turns and twists, tunnels as well as bridges and several locations for play. It comes with the Thomas and Arthur engines and two cargo cars that can be used on either of the engines. Both the Thomas engine and the Arthur engine are motorized and the set also includes Elsbridge Station, a water tower, McColl’s farm, signal box, 2 tunnels, a bridge, 2 cargo cars, 33 pieces of track, a bale of hay and 2 cows. In total there are over 50 play pieces that will add character and fun to your child’s adventure with Thomas and his friends.

This is a fantastic Trackmaster Thomas playset.

2. TrackMaster Thomas and Friends: Toby’s Windmill is a fun filled activity playset for young children. When the storm comes and damages Toby’s windmill, the task is ahead of them to rebuild it. Little engineers can help Thomas and his friends rebuild the windmill and then press the button and watch it go around and around. This is a great playset to add to other TrackMaster Thomas playsets.

3. TrackMaster Thomas Cranky and Flynn Save the Day Playset

This fantastic package includes Cranky, a huge 29 inch crane that moves in a 360 degree motion and is controlled by a remote controller. Little engineers will enjoy helping Cranky to pick up and drop off his loading.

When fire breaks out on the Island of Sodor, the motorized Flynn is called in and Cranky must help. Cranky picks up the crate and puts it in place, the doors fly open and Flynn the fire engine zooms out.

Based on the Thomas and friends dvd Day of the Diesels, Cranky and Flynn put the fire out, and Flynn becomes the hero of the day.