Tips for Starting an AEG Team

Tips for Starting an AEG Team

When you first set up an Airsoft team, you need to determine the best roles for the members of your team. There are many teams that make the person who had the idea of starting the squad the squad leader. This may or may not be a good idea. AEG (automatic electric gun) games can be a very enjoyable activity for friends to engage in, but to be successful, it is important to look for the roles that best fit your team members’ strengths.

Ideally, you should have a team of at least nine members. This allows you to have two fire squads, four riflemen, a sniper and a radio specialist. You may choose to have two snipers instead of a radio specialist. Each fire squad should have a leader as well.

Squad leader

As mentioned above, many teams use the method of the person who suggests the team is automatically assigned as the squad leader. If you decide as a group to establish an AEG team, you should realistically look at the strengths of your team. Is there one among you who possesses leadership skills? Being the squad leader involves (in many cases) being the person who does a lot of the organization and administrative work for the team.

Fire squad leader

This individual is the person that directs the action of their firing squad. This person should be able to direct the squad’s moves on the ground as well as have a head for strategy.


The riflemen are responsible for taking out targets. You may want to designate one rifleman as a cover person for your squad. Cover riflemen are responsible for giving cover by shooting short bursts at targets, keeping enemies on the defensive and providing cover for the squad’s advancements.


Snipers are accurate shooters that act as scouts. Snipers need to travel with an extremely low profiles and remain in hiding for the game to be successful.

When you are creating your team, make sure that you have a adequate weapons, ammunition, batteries and radios for your team. If you are starting a team from scratch, you may find that one or more members of your team needs to purchase a weapon. Some people prefer to have a couple of weapons. One of the best brands of AEG for beginners and more experienced players is one of the many Crosman Airsoft guns. These guns require only polished BBs, buying a lower quality can damage the gun.