What to Expect in a Baby Bedding Crib Set

What to Expect in a Baby Bedding Crib Set

As the birth of a baby nears, preparations in the nursery go into high gear. After getting the perfect crib with all the current safety features, thoughts are turned to the nursery bedding. As you look at all the possibilities in nursery bedding sets, you run into a vast number of styles and options. The style chosen depends on the taste and wants of the parents, and with the wide variety available, it is not hard to find the perfect design. Everything from princesses to frogs to sports to nature, and much more, are out there, so don’t give up until you find the perfect theme.

The choice then turns to the size of a crib bedding set to buy. You can get anything from 4 pieces in the crib set, up to 10 or more pieces. As you look at the various options, here are some tips to keep in mind.

There are 4 basic items that come in a crib set.

    • Baby quilt or comforter – For babies up to 12 months old, fluffy quilts are not recommended. A baby can get wrapped up in the quilt which can interfere with breathing. If a fluffy quilt is purchased, it should be removed from the crib before putting the baby to sleep.
    • Baby bumper set – Make sure the ties for a baby bumper are away for any area the baby can reach. Injury can result from the baby getting tangled in the ties. You should also make sure that the bumpers are not too ‘fluffy’ and there are no decorative openings that the baby can reach into. If the baby rolls into a ‘fluffy’ bumper, suffocation can result.
    • Fitted crib sheet – Make sure the sheet in the crib bedding set fits the crib mattress. The baby should sleep on a firm surface with a well fitted sheet. If the sheet comes free, it can wrap around the baby and cause harm.
  • Dust ruffle for the crib – The dust ruffle is meant to be decorative and to prevent dust from collecting under the crib.

After these 4 basics, the remaining items in a crib bedding set will vary. Curtain valances, diaper stackers, hanging mobiles, wall hangings, toy organizers, decorative pillows and throws are some of the things that complete a nursery bedding set. In 5 piece sets, curtain valances seem to be the preferred additional item. After that, the items contained in each set varies by manufacturer.

The advantage of purchasing a crib bedding set is that everything is coordinated, which can take a lot of the work out of decorating a nursery. The only choice to make is the size of the nursery bedding set to buy. This too, depends on the needs for the nursery, so good luck in getting that perfect crib set.