What to Pack for Baby in Fall Weather

What to Pack for Baby in Fall Weather

It is fall and getting chilly outside so your baby is going to need a whole new set of gear to go out on errands with now. If you had your baby over the spring or summer, you are very used to a light load when going on your every day excursions. There are new and very useful items that will keep your baby warm and still keep your life simple.

In the beginning months of fall when the air is not bitter cold yet, nursing covers can serve multiple purposes. You already take your nursing cover with you everywhere you go so it isn’t something extra to remember. You can put it over your infant car seat as a cover to protect him from the wind, rain, and sun. The nursing cover will not do in the bitter cold months of winter, but for now it works great and is not an extra piece to bring.

In addition to your nursing bras, you will now need a nursing top. It is past the point of just throwing a nursing cover over your tank and feeding anywhere. You will be cold yourself even if you are inside. It’s chillier now and you will need to cover up a bit more as well. There are great nursing tops out there with varying nursing methods and coverage depending on your style and your preferences. Be sure to have a few for these every day outings in the fall.

Babies are not big on having shoes on even though moms are into buying every cute pair out there. Shoes are not a must yet, but good socks are. Your baby’s feet will get cold. There are a ton of different socks out there for all varying feet sizes and chubbiness. Keep looking until you find some socks that will be comfortable and stay on your baby’s feet.

Dressing in layers helps out a lot in the Indian summer days and those freak summer like days in October and November. If you put your baby in an undershirt or long sleeve one piece shirt underneath the outfit, you will be able to peel layers off in case of a day where it feels like summer again out of nowhere. Just because it’s October does not mean that your baby can’t overheat if it gets hot out.

A good rule of thumb is to take note of your own comfort level. If you are hot, chances are your baby may be getting hot too. Babies have very sensitive skin and are a bit more sensitive to temperatures than adults, but you can not be sweating in a t-shirt and have baby in a snow suit.