Yamaha P95 Review – How to Get It on Sale

Yamaha P95 Review – How to Get It on Sale

Are you looking for a personal Yamaha P95 review to help you make the final decision? Do you want to know where you can find the Yamaha P95 discounts?

Why Yamaha?

If there’s something I hate about choosing musical instruments, it’s the guilty feeling that haunts me every time I become unsatisfied with its sound. Good thing I came across the Yamaha brand when I’m looking for a digital piano. I elude that guilty feeling very rarely after my purchases and this Yamaha P95 review will tell you exactly why I did not regret paying $550 for it.

Korg, Roland and Yamaha are the top brands in the digital piano business. Yamaha got me sold on them because of price and brand credibility. Like most, if not all, acoustic piano players, I know that we are very particular with the sound of the digital piano that we are looking for. The piano sounds of the other digital types sounded very “synthesized” and sharp. There are times when the key itself is off and there’s no way for you to do adjustments because digital pianos don’t have internal hammers.

Sound Quality of Yamaha P95

Yamaha P95 sounds great. My neighbors even thought that I got this grand acoustic piano every time I play it in our living room. To enhance my Yamaha P95 sound experience, I hook it up with JBL speakers. P95 is MIDI connection capable. P95 is also very light; I can easily lift it up and bring it in the garden, the living room or the garage.

I enjoy creating my own melodies, so the digital piano’s recording capabilities are very important for me. Yamaha p95 has this so called “Advanced Wave Memory” (AVM) that retains the authentic sound of the instrument even after being compressed by the player’s recorder.

I can upload my music files and share with friends and clients with the fear of having my output distorted because of a fuzzy recording mechanism. My P95 recordings sound brilliant. It’s as if I’m playing my tunes right in front of my listeners. Another good thing about the P95’s sound is that it is packed with 6 watt amplifiers per channel. That would definitely give you that surround sound you’ve been looking for in a digital player.

Feeling Professional with a Yamaha P95

I have a lot of friends who are also pianists, and they all have the same positive comments about the P95’s amazing sound and realistic keys.

My purchase already came with the cord, music rest and pedal foot switch. The pedal that came along with it does emulate the sustain pedal of a real piano. If the feel on the keys is as real as it gets, wait till you try the P95’s pedals.

But if you got a few more extra to spare, you could get Yamaha P95 from many online shopping stores. The online store I bought already includes the stand, bench, triple pedal board, headphones, fast track piano training book and dust cover.

The headphone that comes with the package is the Audio Technica ATHT22. You bought a digital piano because you have also thought of practicing in silence, right? This Audio techinca headphone has a noise cancellation feature, so it’s all piano in your ears by the time you put these babies on your head.

The Yamaha P95 is Perfect For:

  • Pianist or professional musicians who like to play live occasionally as it can be taken to anywhere with you.
  • Students who want to practice at home as it has the function to record for assessment.

Where To Find A Great Yamaha P95 Sale?

Your Yamaha P95 purchase will be backed by Yamaha’s Rock Solid Reliance Warranty Program. It is a limited three year warranty scheme which ensures that you are free of worries as you make your music. You may check out Yamaha’s official site for further information about their Rock Solid program.

It is easy to find several online stores that sell digital pianos, but may take you a lot of time to find the right Yamaha P95 price. Some of them have a good discount with FREE shipping. You probably want to know how to find and choose the right shop among a large number of websites that sell Yamaha P95. Your could get somebody who knows Yamaha P95 digital piano and see where they bought their P95.

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